Project New

No matter how easy or complex project you’re going to start, the begining is always the same. It’s necessary to choose ORM framework you would like to use, select MVC framework (if you’re using any) and enter name and destination directory.

New project

To create new project with full support of ORM frameworks choose New ORM Project from main menu. After that, follow few steps in displayed wizard to create project exactly for your needs.

Skipper menu create New Project

Besides creating new project with ORM bindings, Skipper offers possibility to start New Quick Model, which brings you directly to modeling without any binding to MVC or ORM framework.

Note: Quick Model is not intended for generating schema files, but it’s useful for prototyping or brainstorming.

New project example

In next few steps we’re going to show you how simple it is to create new project with all bindings to ORM and MVC frameworks. For this example we choose Doctrine2 ORM and we’re going to create simple address book project.

From Skipper main menu choose 'New ORM Project'
Now select ORM framework you're using for your Skipper project
As next step in Skipper wizard select MVC framework you're using
Enter your Skipper project directory and project name
Check info about your new Skipper project
New Skipper project with default model
Skipper project with two new entities
Two Doctrine2 entities with association in Skipper visual model

And that’s it. Now you have a project with two entities and one association between them.

Note: Check also Project export tutorial where we can show you how to export this model to ORM schema definition files.

Video Tutorial

Create new project