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Release date Operating system File  
11/05/2020 Windows - 32 bit Installer for Windows (32 bit)   Download
11/05/2020 Windows - 32 bit Portable for Windows (32 bit)   Download
11/05/2020 Mac - 64 bit Installer for Mac 10.13+ (64 bit)   Download
11/05/2020 Mac - 64 bit Portable for Mac 10.13+ (64 bit)   Download
11/05/2020 Linux - 64 bit Portable for Linux (64 bit)   Download

Changes in version

  • Added project check during load for duplicite association fields in model and migrations
  • Improved entity name validator in entity editor. Name is checked directly after entity-name edit loose focus.
  • Update to latest Qt 5.15.1
  • Updated QTitanRibbon components to latest 5.5.0 version
  • Updated redo shortcut to standard CTRL+Y and CTRL+SHIFT+Z
  • Laravel: Fixed connection() export in migrations code when entity has filled "connection" property
  • One more fix for connection() export in Laravel migrations
  • Fixed focus handling in object editors when application loose focus and then gain it back
  • Fixed pressing INS multiple times in entity editor
  • Fixed entity editor rare issue when two same fields were added via INS shortuct
  • Fixed crash when changing Ribbon Themes
  • Changed comment shortcut key from CTRL+Y to CTRL+M because of conflict with redo action
  • Fixed Undo/Redo shortcut keys
  • Fixed creation of polymorphic many-to-many association from entity editor dialog
  • Fixed wrong notification of modified object on object without changes
  • Fixed importing association/association-fields from MySQL schema when multiple DB schemas contained same name for foreign key