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Release date Operating system File  
09/07/2021 Windows - 32 bit Installer for Windows (32 bit)   Download
09/07/2021 Windows - 32 bit Portable for Windows (32 bit)   Download
09/07/2021 Mac - 64 bit Installer for Mac 10.15+ (64 bit)   Download
09/07/2021 Mac - 64 bit Portable for Mac 10.15+ (64 bit)   Download
09/07/2021 Linux - 64 bit Portable for Linux (64 bit)   Download

Changes in version

  • Implemented ::class support for Doctrine2 project imports (New!)
  • Reworked migrations engine to support moving entities (and other elements) between modules without delete&create operation (New!)
  • Added new @docPropertyType Laravel field property to configure custom PHPDoc @property data type (New!) (support-ticket)
  • Laravel - ability to export withTimestamps for many-to-many associations
  • MySQL database import on Linux/OSX handled by native MySql drivers and MariaDB drivers on Windows
  • Renamed "Laravel ORM" to "Laravel Eloquent" in framework wizard page
  • Removed redundant data exported to migrations (null vs false, etc.)
  • Fixed PostgreSql import when field contains comment and scale attribute
  • Fixed issue in migration engine when moving entity between modules together with entity rename
  • Fixed duplicated entries handling in migrations log (wrongly added by early versions of Skipper)
  • Fixed migration error on comment object
  • Fixed Laravel export of docblock @property for timestamp, timestamptz and uuid (support-ticket)