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Release date Operating system File  
10/27/2018 Windows - 32 bit Installer for Windows (32 bit)   Download
10/27/2018 Windows - 32 bit Portable for Windows (32 bit)   Download
10/27/2018 Mac - 64 bit Installer for Mac 10.12+ (64 bit)   Download
10/27/2018 Mac - 64 bit Portable for Mac 10.12+ (64 bit)   Download
10/27/2018 Linux - 32 bit Portable for Linux (32 bit)   Download
10/27/2018 Linux - 64 bit Portable for Linux (64 bit)   Download

Changes in version

  • Support for Propel multi-level SingleTableInheritance (New!)
  • Validation of duplicated field names in entity editor (New!)
  • Internal support for migrations. Currently available only for custom and in-house ORMs (New!)
  • Support for Doctrine2 @schema attribute for many-to-many join table (New!)
  • Entity option class-type to configure class as explicit embeddable (for designing standalone embeddable class without owner). (New!)
  • Improved Php parser to handle use statement correctly also for Php7+ statements (New!)
  • Added option to hide derived fields
  • Added uuids also for index and index-field model elements
  • Added uuids for elements association-field and many-to-many-association-field
  • Fixed project loader when project contains derived entities without fields
  • Fixed rare crash in diagram model during object selection change
  • Fixed bug in entity editor. When opened through double-click on field, "cancel" button doesn't revert opened transaction