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Release date Operating system File  
05/27/2019 Windows - 32 bit Installer for Windows (32 bit)   Download
05/27/2019 Windows - 32 bit Portable for Windows (32 bit)   Download
05/27/2019 Mac - 64 bit Installer for Mac 10.13+ (64 bit)   Download
05/27/2019 Mac - 64 bit Portable for Mac 10.13+ (64 bit)   Download
05/27/2019 Linux - 64 bit Portable for Linux (64 bit)   Download

Changes in version

  • Laravel: Added support for "null" custom cast format.
  • Laravel: Added bigIncrements template to field template list
  • Changed default primary key type for Laravel from integer to bigInteger based on 5.8 Laravel changes (support-ticket)
  • Updated exclude import filters for Symfony projects (vendor/*/tests)
  • Changed Laravel default cast for json and jsonb to "array" cast type
  • Added new Laravel field property "cast" for better casts customization
  • New pivotAccess property for Laravel many2many objects. Ability to define how to access Pivot properties (using,withPivot,using+withPivot,none)
  • Fixed public timestamps variable in Laravel export when created_at and updated_at fields are not exported.
  • Removed automatic cast ($casts) for time and timez datatype
  • Fixed enum import from database engines
  • Fixed enum export for Laravel framework
  • Fixed null import from database to Laravel framework
  • Laravel: NULL default value encapsulation fix in migrations and base objects
  • Fixed entity names import for Laravel model. Entity names are now imported in CamelCase form
  • Fixed endless loop while parsing Php files with use-trait statement inside the class
  • Fixed Laravel export path for "App.." namespace to "app..." directory