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Release date Operating system File  
03/26/2024 Windows - 32 bit Installer for Windows (32 bit)   Download
03/26/2024 Windows - 32 bit Portable for Windows (32 bit)   Download
03/26/2024 Mac - 64 bit Installer for Mac 10.15+ (64 bit)   Download
03/26/2024 Mac - 64 bit Portable for Mac 10.15+ (64 bit)   Download
03/26/2024 Linux - 64 bit Portable for Linux (64 bit)   Download

Changes in version

  • Knex - upgraded enum type generator to generate simplified typed enum
  • Laravel: Removed default (8,2) values exported for float/decimal/double datatype and let Laravel to handle these defaults by itself.
  • Laravel: Improved "" and '' default values handling
  • Upgraded certificates for Apple app signing
  • Migrated to new Apple application notarization process (notarizeapp instead of altool)
  • Upgraded application dependencies to newest versions
  • Fixed bug in Knex output formatting
  • Fixed rare bug in Doctrine2 mysql importer (translation of DB types to ORM types)
  • Fixed bug in internal migration system when migration is created and later removed via undo-redo system
  • Fixed migrations log output for new/old values when value changed from/to empty value
  • Fixed migrations export when migration log contains multiple ignored and disabled revisions. In rare cases some revision was still exported
  • Fixed entity editor validation/confirmation when there is field with empty/duplicated value