Our Voyage

  • Incorporation of Inventic

    An agency creating solutions tailored to customers' needs.

  • Website development

    Websites based on Doctrine and Symfony.

  • Software development

    Development of C++ desktop applications.

  • Internal ERD modelling tool

    Creation of modelling tool exporting Doctrine definitions.

  • Development speed-up

    Fourfold acceleration of Doctrine projects development.

  • Idea to go to the market

    Intention to offer the modelling tool to public.

  • GUI and feature development

    Creation of user-friendly interface of the tool.

  • ORM Designer launch

    The tool introduced to public with very positive feedback.

  • New frameworks support

    Implementation of support for Doctrine 2 and Propel.

  • New features and enhancements

    Better GUI and new features for more comfortable work.

  • Application core rewritten

    Application rewritten from MFC to Qt framework.

  • Multiplatform support

    Native support for OS X and Linux operating systems.

  • Release of ORM Designer 2

    Better, faster and multiplatform application with a new design.

  • Angel investor

    Guidance of skilled man with a lot of great ideas.

  • Rebranding

    Change of the name from ORM Designer to Skipper.

  • Skipper launch

    New Skipper brand and company visual style.

  • Skipper core update

    Update to Qt5 for more stability and new features.

  • MongoDB ODM support

    New framework support with new objects in the model.

  • We are here

    New adventures ahead :-)

Skipper Founders

Ludek Developer manager

Developer manager

  • Specialization: C++, Qt, UI development
  • Hobbies: programming, sport, driving
  • Water activity: snorkeling, whirpooling, photography

Iva Marketing manager

Marketing manager

  • Specialization: SEO, Copywriting, PPC
  • Hobbies: graphics, music, her dog
  • Water activity: snorkeling, sunbathing :)

Frantisek Technology manager

Technology manager

  • Specialization: Php, Symfony, Devops
  • Hobbies: photography, hiking, his daughter
  • Water activity:: swimming, shark diving

Contact us

Inventic s.r.o. Julianovske nam. 2 636 00 Brno Czech Republic

Company ID: 27693236

VAT ID: CZ27693236