Licensing and pricing

Lifetime license

+ free 12 month maintenance

€495 ($495)

Maintenance (requires Lifetime license)

12 month access to updates and support

€169 ($169)

VIP support

Custom application adaptation (per hour)

€200 ($200)

How much does Skipper save?

Jim Carter

Chief CRM developer
Jim Carter

Jim works:

  • with Doctrine 2
  • during 20 hours/month
  • for $45 / hour

Skipper saves him 70% of his time.

Skipper saves

14 hours / month

168 hours / year

$630 / month

$7560 / year

Payback period



It costs only $495

Karl Schmidt

System developer
Karl Schmidt

Karl works:

  • with Propel
  • during 30 hours / month
  • for €35 / hour

Skipper saves him 70% of his time.

Skipper saves

21 hours / month

252 hours / year

€735 / month

€8820 / year

Payback period



It costs only €495


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Discounts for you

Discount for a review

10% Discount from the price

Write a review about Skipper, send us a link and you will get 10% discount for your purchase.

This discount is applicable for reviews meeting these rules:

  • The review consists of at least 400 words.
  • It contains a link to Skipper website.
  • At least one picture of the application is included.
  • You describe your workflow of using Skipper in your work.
  • It is not applicable on maintenance renewal.
  • It is applicable only on single license purchase.

Academic licenses

66% Discount from the price

Academic institutions can buy Skipper licenses for 1/3 of common price.

Conditions of purchase:

  • Invoice issued to certified academic institution.
  • Bank transfer payment from the institution stated on invoice.
  • Minimal order of 10 licenses.
  • License with free 12 month maintenance (updates+support).
  • Extension of maintenance for the next 12 months for the common price of maintenance.