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We have good use of the tool. It simplifies our daily work, saves us time and is simple and intuitive to use.

Thomas Somoen, Try/Apt

It is faster and gives less errors to have Skipper create the mapping code instead of writing it myself. Later in the development process I often use the Skipper diagram as a quick reference.

Herman Peeren, Yepr

Skipper is a stable and easy to use schema designing tool! No documentation, just design and everything is documented!

Siebe Vos, Inform'aid

Simply put, for us, Skipper is not just a tool to master, but a mastermind that teaches us the best programming practices.

Can Berkol, Biber Ltd

We use Skipper on our daily basis for ecommerce software development. It lets us visualize at a glance the data models and work on them in a simple and easy way.

Dario Schilman, IDS Soluciones Ecommerce

It saved us a lot of time designing and configuring complex data models. It is impressive to see what this software achieves on its own.

Michael Stoye, ColorGATE

Skipper is especially helpful in the initial data modeling phase. Exporting the data model and scaffolding makes it really easy to get a first prototype up and running in a matter of minutes.

Jörn Wagner, Explicatis

It simplifies our work because it saves us time. With features added over time like adding behaviors to Propel in Skipper it has become an unmissable tool in our organisation.

Erwin te Bos, aXtion

How is skipper being used?

ADZ Media Ltd

Advertising agency

Manchester, UK

Skipper saves a huge amount of time as writing the entity definitions manually would be soul destroying and time consuming!

The company faced the problem of huge projects that were difficult to manage. Steven explains how Skipper solved this problem and how they are working now with visual model and documentation at the same time.

ADZ Medial Ltd

Manifest Interactive

Application development agency

St. Louis, Missoury, USA

The biggest attraction I saw with Skipper was the ability to show my clients what I had planned for their software.

Manifest Interactive needed to show their customers some concept of planned application and there wasn’t a way, how to visualize it. They were looking for some tool generating previews. They are now using Skipper any time they are working with a rather complex set of data.

Manifest Interactive

Savvior Technology Solutions

Web developement company

Pittsburgh, Pensylvanya, US

We work with Skipper every day. Our current workflow would not be possible without such a tool.

Savvior were maintaining decent version control of the database, but manually editing schema files was a huge hassle and cumbersome for them. Now they found Skipper and are using it to export YML definition files automatically.

Savvior Technology Solutions

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