Project Export

The most innovative feature of Skipper is without any doubt schema files export and a way in which Skipper does that. In case you’re using XML or YML files to define your schema model, Skipper exports them in unified and standardized format. In case you’re using annotations, Skipper sensitively updates or extends only schema definitions in your code without touching other parts of the code.

Project export

Besides schema files export Skipper supports other ways to export your project. These further features serve for exporting project as single XML file to corresponding third-party tools and creating PDF or PNG files from your visual model.

Skipper Project export

Skipper currently supports these formats:

  • Export to ORM exports your model to specified file formats based on ORM you’re using.
  • Export to single file creates XML file with complete model (useful for third-party model processing).
  • Export to PDF creates portable PDF (usefull for sharing your model with customers or your team).
  • Export to PNG creates portable PNG.

Export to ORM

Exporting of your project to schema definition files is the key feature of Skipper. Skipper allows you to execute schema export in several ways. Besides selecting the Create or import new command from File menu you can execute export by ribbon Export to ORM icon or via Ctrl+Shift+E shortcut (eventually Command+Shift+E on MacOS).

Skipper Ribbon menu - Export to ORM

Configuring export

Just before export the Pre-Export configuration dialog will be displayed. You can check and edit all export settings for all modules in your model from this single dialog.

Skipper Doctrine schema definition files export configuration dialog

Checking export results

Because schema export can modify files at several locations, Skipper displays simple overview dialog summarizing every export. This result window gives you an overview of modified, newly created and unmodified files.

Skipper Doctrine schema definitions export results

Simple export example

On the following images we’re going to show you how simple it is to create and export new project with two entities. For this example we choose Doctrine2 ORM and we will continue in model created in New Project tutorial.

Skipper Doctrine2 project with two entities and an association
Use Export to ORM button to generate Doctrine2 schema definition files from Skipper
Doctrine2 schema definition files export dialog in Skipper

<img itle="Doctrine2 XML export format"alt="Skipper Doctrine2 XML export format" src="/help/images/how-to-use/project-export/8_export-project.thumbs.230.png" />
Skipper Doctrine2 schema export results
Check export destination

Doctrine2 address schema file generated by Skipper
Doctrine2 contact schema file generated by Skipper

Note: Specific options may vary depending on ORM framework you’re using. For more details about specific ORM frameworks check Frameworks tutorials.

Video Tutorial

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