Skipper Presentations

In this article, you can find documents which will help you explain the magic behind Skipper and what it can bring to your company.

General presentation

If you want to inform your colleagues or someone else about existence of Skipper, visual editor for ORM frameworks exporting model to ORM definitions, this presentation should help you. You can go through general information about tool and its basic functionality just in two minutes.

Download pdf: Skipper presentation PDF
Download pptx: Skipper presentation PPTX

Presentation for managers and team leaders

Do you need to explain to your team leader why consider incorporating of Skipper into company workflow? You can use this presentation. It briefly describes all benefits for the company and for the employees and presents time and financial savings, including the calculation of return on investment.

Download pdf: Skipper presentation for companies PDF
Download pptx: Skipper presentation for companies PPTX