Supported Frameworks

Skipper directly supports the most common ORM frameworks and MVCs. Supported frameworks are listed in the table below. Use of these frameworks with Skipper is described in our documentation.

Supported ORM and MVC frameworks

Framework MVCs Import formats Export formats
Doctrine Symfony, Symfony2, Zend, … Doctrine Yml Doctrine Yml
Doctrine2 Symfony, Symfony2, Zend, … Doctrine2 Yml, Xml, and annotations Doctrine2 Yml, Xml, and annotations
Laravel Eloquent Laravel Database only Eloquent migrations, base model objects and model objects
MongoDbOdm Symfony, Symfony2, Zend, … MongoDbOdm Yml, Xml, and annotations MongoDbOdm Yml, Xml, and annotations
Propel Symfony, Symfony2, Zend, … Propel Yml, Xml Propel Yml, Xml
CakePHP CakePhp CakePHP definition file CakePHP definition file
MVC frameworks support

Skipper is working on the strictly ORM level. This means that as long as you use supported ORM framework you can use any MVC framework together with it.

Other ORM frameworks

In-house company frameworks

If you use your own ORM Framework created especially for your company environment we can prepare support especially for this framework. We have experience with support of such customized frameworks for any language. Supported schema files formats might be Xml, Yml, annotations or directly generated code. If you are interested contact us at [email protected].

Publicly available frameworks

We are continuously extending the range of Skipper features and supported frameworks. We are keeping an eye on the ORM framework trends and also listening to our community to determine which framework or framework extension to add next.

Individually customized frameworks

Additionally, the Skipper allows very high degree of customization regarding the framework support. It is even possible to define ORM framework support yourself. Information you will need to do this are described in the Expert usage section of our documentation. This configuration might be very time-consuming so you are [email protected] and we will help you.