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Hi everyone.
I just tried the attributes export, and here are my notes :

Options for column have dots instead of arrows, and option name should be in "" : options: [unsigned: true] instead of options: ["unsigned" => true]

Same for DiscriminatorMap, exemple :

    1: "App\Entity\AdresseEmailContact",
    2: "App\Entity\AdresseEmailEstimation",
    3: "App\Entity\AdresseEmailFacturation"

When it should be arrows, like an array : 1 => "App\Entity\AdresseEmailContact"

For indexes, it seems that it's better to don't have it in the Orm\Table definition.

Example :

#[ORM\Table(name: "adresse_email_contact",
 indexes: [ORM\Index(name: "IDX_EC25E562FADC9094", columns: ["depot_vente_id"])])]

When this is totally working fine :

#[Orm\Table(name: "adresse_email_contact")]
#[Orm\Index(columns: ["depot_vente_id"], name: "IDX_EC25E562FADC9094")]

Same with unique constraints.

Another point is, it seems onUpdate is missing in the doctrine option attributes, don't know why.

That's all for the moment !


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Thanks a lot for reporting this issue. These issues were not discovered during our beta phase ;-(.

We will fix it asap and let you know

Regarding missing onUpdate, it seems it was removed by Doctrine team:

It was removed from XSD file with the comment Warning: Removed from version 2.2 (DDC-1628)

We successfully fixed the issue with array export where ":" is wrongly used instead of "=>", new beta with the fix will be available soon

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Hello Steeve,

we just released new Skipper version with several bug fixes including fixes to issues you reported (wrong options, wrong discriminator map, fix for missing new keyword, and a few other).

Version is automatically distributed as a new 3.3.1 version through our automatic updates or can be downloaded here:


Please test it and let me know if you will find any other issues. Thanks

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