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I have a problem. Skipper is creating a table in the Laravel migration (also a down migration wich drops the entire table) This is nog what it should do. this table already existed.
See 1st screenshot
Migration UP

this is the down migration
Migration Down

This is the current revision where i am working on.
Revision information

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As discussed in email communication, this issue wasn't caused by bug in the Skipper but by wrong table name in a completely different entity.

Entity LoadBalancer had the wrong table name "servers" which caused conflict in migration.

enter image description here

To fix this issue simply update table name property to correct name and update last revision.

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Hi, I'm not sure I understand the problem.

Why the table already exists? Did you create it manually? Or did Skipper export some duplicated migration where table is created twice?

Can you share your project so we can test it here?

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And one more question, what version are you using?

You can try our latest beta with a lot of migration fixes here:


I am using application version:

Ok, please test the mentioned beta. If this didn't help, I will need more details about why is it a problem that the table is created.

The table already existed when i did the import of existing project. this is the only table skipper is trying to create. as you can see in the revision it only states that i wil create 1 new column. not create a whole new table. but the migration created does different.

How can i send you the project?

Same issue with beta:

If you imported the existing projects from database, it's ok that Skipper is now trying to create the migration.

It's because Skipper doesn't know whether you need to create it or not.

But you can select initial imported migration to not be exported to database by managing migrations and select "Enable/disable revision"

enter image description here

Thanks for this feedback. We will improve import process so Skipper will ask you whether to mark migration with existing tables as non-exportable.

The original import is not exported. Then there also would be more tables created. that is not the case. It is only with this specific table.

How can i send you the project?

send skipper project files to [email protected] Thanks