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Please report any issues with Php Attributes/Annotations directly to [email protected] Thanks!

Changes in version

  • New migration export flag ignore to keep exported file as is and do not update it (New!)
  • Doctrine2 support for @Index options - where (New!)
  • Doctrine2 support for @Index options - lengths (New!) (support-ticket)
  • Doctrine2 Php Attributes beta support! (New!)
  • Php parser for new #attributes language construct (New!)
  • Php generator for new #attributes language construct (New!)
  • Improved annotations/attributes exports to completely erase empty annotation/attributes blocks (New!)
  • Implemented Doctrine2 annotations to attributes automatic conversion (New!)
  • Improved code formatters for better indentions
  • Improved annotations/attributes exports to erase redundant empty lines
  • Improved code formatters for better newline indentions
  • Fixed rare issue in import of MySQL table column's order
  • Fixed bug in updated code merger when part code is in attributes and part in annotations

Latest Skipper beta version is




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