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Changes in version

  • Updated Doctrine2 association import system to use property type when targetEntity property is missing (New!)
  • Doctrine2 : Use ::class notations in the associations export rather than a string
  • Export enum class type to @property definition when cast attribute is filled
  • Improved export of array attribute values (for example Doctrine2 index key lengths) (support-ticket)
  • Display default values in comments in table definition
  • Fixed missing MySQL cachingsha2password.dll on Windows platform
  • Fixed maintenance popup dialog when dark theme used
  • Fixed Laravel PK property for multi-pk classes
  • Fixed Laravel migrations issue on plural name for MN entity. Issue occured when MN entity was created and deleted in specific order.
  • Fixed issue in generated Php code (annotations, attributes or Laravel code) when ::class name was generated with missing starting backslash

Latest Skipper beta version is




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