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Changes in version

  • Command line parameter to load and export project to image or pdf (New!) (support-ticket)
  • Offline email activation (New!)
  • Support for HighDPI monitors (New!)
  • New settings for sub-dialog placement (by last known position, last position on active monitor, centered on active monitor,...) (New!)
  • "Native" theme used as a default theme.
  • Updated Qt Ribbon widget to support different DPI modes
  • Improved action buttons look in the property editor
  • Fixed fields checkbox style in the entity editor dialog
  • Fixed issue in export when multiple @Timestampables were used for single field
  • Fixed issue in entity editor when entity name is empty
  • Fixed orm property editor after adding new field in the entity editor
  • Updated visual model drawing based on DPI settings
  • Fixed dialog fonts to support different DPI modes
  • Fixed progress dialog background and font sizes on different DPI
  • Fixed storing position of external tools result window
  • Fixed bug in application window for (*modified) flag caused by latest Qt library changes.
  • Fixed sub-dialog center issue when parent dialog is maximalized on external monitor
  • Fixed auto-position for confirmation dialogs on external monitors

Latest Skipper beta version is




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