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In I could switch screen configurations from single screen to dual screen with the monitor to the left or the right, which I do on a regular basis (change of workstation with laptop in docking station). All the editors would move along with the main window nicely. Starting from 2.3.0 however, the Assocation Editor now is in a state where I can't access it anymore because it's displayed outside the viewport and is not moved to the main display like in version before 2.3.0.

Please fix this as I am forced to downgrade now until I can see my editor windows again. Alternatively: How / Where can I reset the window positions for editor windows?

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Hello Joern,

I'm sorry for the delay with this one. We have checked the current situation and implemented fix for this behavior in the Skipper version This version was released to public today. Unfortunately, the fix may be limited by the way the Windows detects switching/turning of displays. Please, try it out and let me know if it is working correctly now.

You can download Skipper from the official website:

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