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I am experiencing an issue with your tool, specifically concerning the generation of the index length attribute option. The generated output is not as expected.

I need this

[ORM\Index(name: "array", columns: ["array"], options: ["lengths"=>[100]])]

If i put [100] the result is:

[ORM\Index(name: "array", columns: ["array"], options: ["lengths"=>"[100]"])]
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Thank you for the report. Can you please send us a link to the documentation where is this option described? Thanks

I cant find any documentation in doctrine, but I have this stackoverflow post:

you have another discussion in this forum, but I use attributes and no annotations:


If you check line 100 and line , you will see that "lengths" needs to be an array.

If it's not an array, it will throw an error when executing the migrations diff:

In Index.php line 363:

array_filter(): Argument #1 ($array) must be of type array, int given

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Thanks for reporting this issue. The fix is available in the latest beta here:


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