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After exporting doctrine schemas adding redundant ORM attribute. See below;
#[ORM, ORM, ORM, ORM, ORM, ORM, ORM\Id, ORM\Column(type: "integer"), ORM\GeneratedValue(strategy: "AUTO")] private ?int $id = null;

it repeats adding ORM any time export.

#[ORM, ORM\Id, ORM\Column(type: "integer"), ORM\GeneratedValue(strategy: "AUTO")]
private $id;
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Thanks for the report. It has to be something in the PHP file that breaks the export.

Can you please send us some demo project and demo PHP file where we can replicate this issue?

Please send it to [email protected]


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Thanks again for the reporting and example project. This bug is now fixed in the latest beta here:


Please test it and let me know if you find anything else.


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hi ludek,

I give it try and exporting issue fixed. I tried several times with different scenarios.

As i mentioned in email when i import php entity file generated manually with attributes it does not import field types. I am sending you sample entity and skipper project file.

Thanks quick fix.