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I've used Skipper for a few years, but stopped after moving towards JavaScript development. I'm now starting to integrate TypeORM into one of my projects and at first glance I see many similarities with Doctrine. It would be very nice to see this JS ORM framework integrated in Skipper. If so, I would certainly use Skipper again!

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Hi, thanks for the suggestion. We can consider it in the future in case there will be more demand for this ORM. Unfortunately, JS has a lot of different ORMs and most of them are not widely used and requested.

Hi Ludek,

Thanks for the fast reply!
I understand JavaScript ORMs are not high on your priority list, but I do believe TypeORM would be a good case to start with. With over one million weekly downloads, it is by far the most popular ORM framework for JavaScript. Being highly influenced by other ORMs, such as Hibernate, Doctrine and Entity Framework, it would be a logical choice to add to Skipper.


Thanks for your info.

In case more users (or the project itself ) will be interested in the support we can implement it in the future.

Unfortunately, when we did a few surveys among JS users there wasn't any interest.

Oké, sorry to hear that, but thanks anyways .
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Sure, I hope there will be more demand for this orm.

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I have good news for you. Although it's not a TypeORM, because of more requests we decided to try to support Javascript frameworks.

At first, we implemented KnexJS support in skipper (migrations + type interfaces + table enums export).

New beta with KnexJS support is available here: https://www.skipper18.com/support/402/downloads-skipper-beta

Based on our research TypeORM is probably currently the most used ORM together with Knex, so we have plans to implement it too.

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