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Is there any way to export Doctrine entity classes configured with Attributes instead of Annotations?


If not, is this feature planned soon?

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thank you for your suggestion.

We know about this update and we're already planning this update. Unfortunately, this new language means a lot of work to implement a completely new parser/exporter.

Another problem is Gedmo support. We will be not able to support partial export in annotations and partial export in Attributes. So we need to wait also for Gedmo and update the complete export for Gedmo extensions.

We already started some works on parser engine prototype but I can't promise you the exact term of delivery.

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Hello, any update on this?

sorry, not yet.

Soon we will have ready the first alfa version with Doctrine2 attributes support. In case you want to test it and help us with initial testing, please write me to [email protected]


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A new beta version with first attributes support is available here: https://www.skipper18.com/support/402/downloads-skipper-beta

Please test it and let us know your experiences. We had to rewrite a lot of parts of PHP code parsers/generators/mergers and improved a lot of areas of code formating.

All our unit tests and testing projects are now green but there can be still a lot of bugs. So please report anything unusual.


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