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Is it possible to have skipper include a RepositoryClass within Doctrine2 Annotations? Am I missing a setting somewhere.

For example

 * @ORM\Entity(repositoryClass="App\Repository\ProductRepository")
class Product

In looking at

It appears as though it will generate it for the XML output under the but not in the annotations.

This tool is amazing, but it does take me a significant amount of time to go through and update all of the Class files after exporting to include the RepositoryClass. I tried searching the forum and didn't see anything related, hopefully I am just missing a setting somewhere!


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Thanks for info. I believe Skipper should export this property for annotations too. We will check it tomorrow and let you know.

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we just tested this use case and everything works as expected on our side.

When entity has configured "repository-class" property in ORM editor:

Skipper Doctrine2 annotations

Skipper correctly exports @ORM\Entity(repositoryClass="testrepo") as you can see here:

Doctrine2 annotations repository class

Can you please send me any example project where we can simulate the issue you're describing? Please send it directly to [email protected]


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