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Since the latest update Skipper chrashes on export to entities which contain methods marked as "public static".
These methods are completly unrelatet to the properties which skipper should manage.

Ausnahmefehler bei 0x696484CB (ucrtbase.dll) in Skipper.exe: Schwerwiegende Beendigung des Programms angefordert

its means : exception... termination requested

How can this be fixed?
Thank you in advance.

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Thanks for report and sorry for the inconvenience.

Please send some example files to [email protected] so we can investigate it.

It's probably caused by changes to support Php 7.4. We will check it tomorrow.

We localized and fixed the issue. The new release will be in about hour.

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Hello Peter,

new version with a fix for this issue is ready. Please download it from our site or use the application auto update.


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thank you for fixing this so quickly

You're welcome. Thanks for reporting it.