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ORM Designer, MVC: Symfony2, ORM: Doctrine2

Demo file: [obsolete link]

This is (part) of our real-world model in anonymized form. Try creating a many-to-many association between any entities in module "PulajiBuve" (e.g. "ZepubaHuno" and "KuvoKemaye") and call it "MyVeryLongNameToGenerateATableNameThatWillCauseAnOverlap" for effect. Then module "KohenoJigi" to the right of "PulajiBuve" will be moved to the right correctly, but "FekaloZuxu" will stay, causing an overlap. This is quite annoying in a big model.

I could not reproduce a minimal test case with only three small modules, I had only one occurrence I could not reproduce so this is the only way to reliably reproduce the problem.

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I already mentioned in another post, but for another users who can have a same issue in the future:

This issue is caused by bug in 3rd-party component and we're not able to fix it right now. We have plans to rewrite/replace arrange library, but I can't promise when. The best way how to avoid this issue is not to put entities/comments/regions too close to the borders of parent object.

We're sorry for this issue.

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The saving of the positions of model elements was fixed and reworked in the version, which was released to public today. We have removed many glitches in positioning of modules. Please, try out if you can still induce this behavior with Skipper, and let me know if you experience any further problems.

You can download Skipper from the official website:

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