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Today we released ORM Designer2 final version. You can download it from our new site


It's about one month when we have released previous ORM Designer2 beta version. Now I would like to share with you ORM Designer Release Candidate. During last month we were implementing the rest of missing features, fixing all known issues and did a lot of testing on several platforms. Now it's a time to introduce new version to audience. Please let us know your experience with this RC, we will be glad for any bug report, idea and of course any positive feedback ;-)

Latest ORM Designer 2 beta version is




Change log

  • Fixed problem with oxygen.so library on KDE Linux

  • Changing property value doesn't change project modify flag
  • Missing inheritances for Doctrine2 ORM
  • Fixed crash in MN wizard when pressing "..." button
  • External tools - don't wait for exit and display output
  • Fixed crash when closing ORM Designer when editing a value in property editor
  • Fixed application crash when executing multiple instances
  • New keyboard shortcuts for add field/remove field in entity editor (CMD/CTRL+I and D, "+"/"-")

  • External tools support
  • Display warning in export result window when module doesn't have export settings
  • Fixed default column sizes on MacOS
  • Fixed sub-child dialog opening on MacOS (EntityEditor->IndexEditor for example)
  • Remove index or association after deleting last reffered field
  • Fixed crash when accessing NULL pointer in CDatapackPropertyBrowser
  • Generator for association aliases (singular/plural)

PLEASE NOTE: Previous version of ORM Designer contained a bug in association storage. Please check that all your associations have correctly defined aliases now. We're sorry for all inconvenience.

  • Fixed ocasional crash when adding new line in entity editor
  • Added "array" type to propel configuration
  • Field diamont color on association fields
  • Fixed Closing the project tree does not unset checkmark in "Panels Visibility
  • Display error message when ORM framework doesn't support export
  • Display error message when no module has set-up export settings
  • Fixed load/save width of ProjectTree dock widget
  • Don't remove modified flag when exporting model
  • Refactorized association editor gui. Better Owner/Inverse side explantation
  • Fixed focus rect on linux/macos on entity fields editor

  • Added "array" type to propel configuration
  • Fixed ocasional crash when adding new line in entity editor
  • Fixed displaying region in project tree
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The current beta test license key is invalid as of today. Could you prolong it a bit more or do you plan on releasing a stable version shortly?

If everything will continue without problems we want to release a stable version together with new web next week. But in the meanwhile you can use your existing ORMD1 key to access ORM Designer2 without problems.

Yes, I can (I opted for a 14-day trial license first). But what about other beta testers?! :-)

The main reason for this is upcoming release. But you're right that some testers might want to work on ORMD2 during weekend, so I extended beta period for one more week to 10.Februrary 2013.

Perfect! (padding up to 12 chars)

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This version is now obsolete, to get the latest version of ORM Designer, called Skipper, please visit the Skipper download section on the new website.

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