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New modules appear outside the workspace when you create them from the Project Tree column. This can be duplicated by arranging modules on the page so there is only one cell of padding on the right. When you add a new module from the Project Tree, it will try to stick the new module to the right of whatever the right most module is. If your right most module is already close to the edge of the workspace, if will place the new module outside the workspace. You will then need to grab the right edge and drag it to the right so you can see the new module you created that was previously hidden.

The work around for this that I have used in the mast is to use the ribbon at the top to place my modules where I want them. This was an issue in V1 as well, but was hoping it would get addressed in this version.

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ORMD v1 and v2 uses the same layout algorithm and component for layout management. Unfortunately this component isn't maintained and it's hard to fix any bug. We have plans to replace it by another or rewrite it from scratch as soon as possible.

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The saving of the positions of model elements was fixed and reworked in the version, which was released to public today. We have removed many glitches in positioning of modules. Please, try out if you can still induce this behavior with Skipper, and let me know if you experience any further problems.

You can download Skipper from the official website:

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