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I got a dangerous bug with the last update (, Linux). I got the following template that was working ok before the last update.
Now, when I save an entity, It loses it's name and position.

<skipper-configuration xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">

<orm-configuration name="Doctrine2">
        <!-- Module export naming -->
        <template element='module' use-case='create'>
                    <attribute name="file-suffix">without-suffix</attribute>
                    <attribute name="filename-format">entity-name-only</attribute>
        <!-- Entity table naming & Repository Class -->
        <template element='entity' use-case='update'>
                    <attribute name="table">oc_{entity#UL}</attribute>
                    <attribute name="repository-class">Oc\AppBundle\Entity\Repository\{entity#CFU}Repository</attribute>
        <!-- Field column naming -->
        <template element="field" use-case="update">
                    <attribute name="column">{field#UL}</attribute>
        <!-- Many to Many Naming -->
        <template element='many-to-many' use-case='create'>
            <many-to-many caption="{entity-inverse#CFU} has {entity-owner#CFU}s" mn-entity="{entity-inverse#CFU}{entity-owner#CFU}">
                <many-to-many-entity owning-side="true" alias="{entity-owner#CFL}s"/>
                <many-to-many-entity owning-side="false" alias="{entity-inverse#CFL}s"/>

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Bug is fixed in latest beta: http://support.skipper18.com/402/downloads-skipper-beta

Please test it and let me know.

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The entities still loose their position on save.

Hi, can you please describe more in details how to replicate this issue? Some screencast video would be great.

And which version are you trying? http://www.skipper18.com/en/download

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Thanks for report. We're able to replicate it here. I will let you know when fix will be ready

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