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Latest ORM Designer 2 beta version is

Change log

  • Panel visibility control from Ribbon doesn't work properly
  • Fixed invalid project tree ordering
  • Progress splash screen enhancement
  • Storing window positions enhancement
  • Fixed crash when closing ORM Designer with multiple projects opened
  • Serializing theme flags (apply theme on child windows, apply theme on dock windows)
  • Fixed size of "Save modified files" dialog in Linux
  • Fixed filesystem paths migration from V1 to V2
  • Refactorized file system path manipulation (platform dependent paths)
  • Fixed migration of project name from V1 projects to V2
  • New setting to display tab bar only when more than one tab is available
  • New setting to hide welcome tab when another tab is available
  • Doctrine2 new suffix mode without-suffix for generating file names without ".dcm" or ".xml"
  • Fixed bug in default module background color
  • Fixed tab focus ordering on all dialogs
  • Enable tab-key on all plain-text widgets to change focus
  • Draw grid lines by using dot-style instead of solid style
  • Set association field types based on inverse side
  • Fixed correct association field name generator when multiple columns with same name already available
  • Fixed many to many association wizard for self-mn-association
  • Configuration for many-to-many field type
  • Fixed many-to-many wizard for self-reffering M2N associations
  • Configurable naming convention for Doctrine, Doctrine2, Propel association fields
  • Fixed default path in SaveFile dialog when choosing module storage path
  • Fixed invalid relative export path. Export path is now relative to module path, not project root path. It's necessary to manually fix all old export paths!
  • Removed field description from schema.yml export
  • Refactorized Doctrine1 ManyToMany import/export mechanism. task
  • Fixed migration of MN relations from V1 to V2 when association from MN table to E table has any ORM attribute (onDelete, onUpdate,....)
  • Changed project tree search from case sensitive to case insensitive
  • Many to Many association context menu fix
  • Display save project popup when exiting app with modified project
  • Key shortcut DEL and BACKSPACE to delete any object in model
  • Fixed crash when removing entity with comples ORM properties
  • New shortcut for SaveAs (Ctrl+Shift+S) and export ORM (Ctrl+Shift+E)
  • New shortcut to close current model CTRL+W
  • Fixed many-to-many association splitted flag serialization
  • Remember diagram grid settings
  • New interactive welcome screen
  • Display modified flag when ORM Property was changed
  • New shortcut to add field to current position in Entity editor (CTRL+INSERT)
  • Don't add multiple empty fields when already existing empty field at the end of field list.
  • Remove association owner field when removing association
  • Fixed project migration from ORMD1 when v1 project contains duplicate Region names
  • Fixed issue with duplicating file names in RecentFileList
  • Fixed redrawing of association types in model when changed in edit dialog
  • Fixed redrawing of association types in model when changed in edit dialog
  • Fixed serializing fields in entities in correct order
  • Fixed deploy to newer Ubuntu versions (12.10)
  • Fixed deploy to Debian wheezy
  • Refactorized association editor gui. Better aliases description
  • Fixed issue with Unicode chars in text description on Linux

  • Fixed issue with attaching existing ORM schema file
  • Fixed issue "invalid relative path" when exporting/saving project

  • Separated data and visual in project XML files
  • Multifile project support
  • Annotations - Don't add ?> mark to the end of updated PHP file
  • Annotations - fixes based on user feedbacks
  • Internal - each element in diagram has uuid
  • Use relative paths inside ORMD project (external module path, export path)
  • Attach existing ORMD module file to project
  • Import new ORM schema file to existing ORMD project
  • PDF Export
  • Diagram draw optimization
  • Fixed migration of module colors from ORMD v1 project to v2 defect
  • Fixed migration of modules sizes and positions from v1 to v2 project
  • Fixed migration of comment and region visual settings from v1 to v2
  • New SaveAs dialog
  • New HTTP-like license server protocol on port 80
  • Enhanced support for SQLite in-memory database
  • Upgraded SQLite to version (faster in-memory operations)
  • Upgraded LibXml to 2.9.0
  • Upgraded LibXslt to 1.1.27 (better transformation speed)

  • Support MacOs scroll and zoom
  • Annotations - Fixed crash when @Entity has empty ()
  • Annotations - Fixed invalid import of many-to-many join column reference
  • Fixed Windows32/64 installer - missing annotations .osc file - second release

  • Fixed PropelORM support on Linux and MacOS
  • Updated MacOS deploy script to correctly deploy App icon

  • PropelORM support on all platforms

  • Open .ormdes from MacOs doesn't work
  • Application icon for macos / windows
  • Fixed visual project size migration from old ORMD1 projects
  • Can't change background color of module
  • Fixed storage of comments location when inside of another region
  • Bug in migrating model layout from ORMD1 projects
  • Implemented migration of regions and comments from ORMD1 project
  • Added missing serialization for comments
  • Fixed load/save of regions and recursive child
  • Also colors of regions and comments can't be changed

  • App crash when click on checkbox "detect_relation" in ORM Property editor
  • Bug in bool attribute type in ORM Property editor
  • Small font on the license window (MacOs)
  • Invalid spacing between checkboxes on project tree (MacOs)
  • Fixed License dialog UI on Mac OS
  • Fixed License windows resizing
  • Fixed migration from ormd1 to ormd2 project with lot of many to many relations
  • Move Ribbon QuickBar between Main button and tabs on Ubuntu and MacOS

  • Many to Many wizard fix
  • Display version of libraries in about window
  • updated crash sender window size
  • several internal fixes and optimalizations

  • Doctrine2 XML/YML support
  • Discriminator value for base entity (Load,Save,Import,Export).
  • ManyToMany association ordering for owning/inverse side
  • Bug in property editor when ORM structur refer to another structure
  • Bug in many-to-many editor, app can crash
  • Replace vcredist.exe from installer by including msvcp100.dll and msvcr100.dll

  • Mouse cursor does not change when selecting "Inheritance","Association" or "ManyToMany" like in ORMD1 defect closed
  • Closing a project by right-clicking on the tab would be great. defect closed
  • Open project from command line sometimes crash defect closed
  • "File" -> "Exit application" not working defect closed
  • Unsaved changes will be discarded when exiting with close button (red X at top-right) - defect closed
  • Missing "Save" question when closing project with modification defect closed
  • Imported project is stored in temp without SaveAs question defect closed
  • Same with Versionable and "children" defect closed
  • When editing Timestampable relation, removing an "options" "value" from either created or updated leads to the hole behavior being deleted defect closed
  • Fixed crash when deleting complex attribute structure defect closed
  • New entity: Name is not selected for overwriting defect closed
  • "Export to ORM" seems to not do anything (disconnected button from action) defect closed
  • Fixed loading empty Timestampable (and any other) behavior for Doctrine1 defect closed
  • ESC no longer close whole app when pressed on UnhandledException window enhancement closed
  • Open multiple .ormdes project from command line at once defect closed
  • Open .ormdes from Windows explorer doesn't work defect closed
  • Removed debug console from release version of app defect closed
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Changes in version

  • New Apple Developer Certificate (New!)
  • New import/create/attach wizards (New!)
  • New ORM Designer ribbon icons (New!)
  • New special free license - ORM Designer model viewer (New!)
  • Fixed Doctrine2 PK export when base entity doesn't have PK (support-ticket)
  • Fixed issue on composite foreign-primary keys for Doctrine2 (support-ticket)

Changes in version

  • Fixed issue with project tree

Changes in version

  • Support for EXTRA_LAZY association fetch (New!) (support-ticket)
  • New theme to color picker (New!)
  • Propel ORM Many to many support (New!) (support-ticket)
  • New validator in association dialogs to ensure that aliases are unique (New!)
  • Support for Doctrine2 composite keys identified through foreign Entities

Changes in version

  • New color palette for regions/modules (New!)
  • Save project to single file (New!)
  • Fixed problem with Doctrine2 yaml export when custom property name contains W as first char
  • Doctrine2 Export many-to-many custom attributes for Doctrine2 (support-ticket)
  • Fixed: Deleting an entity does not change the dirty flag, exit without confirmation (support-ticket)
  • Fixed problem with invalid tree expanding after any model action. (support-ticket)
  • Fixed occasional crash when importing MySQL Workbench model
  • Removed confusing Help button top-right on some dialogs
  • Removed confusing Apply button
  • Fixed about icon on ribbon

Latest ORM Designer 2 beta version is




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