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I am a bit of a perfectionist, and that little border on the exported PNG's and PDF's drives me crazy. To the point where before I send it to a client I manually go in and remove it because I think it looks tacky :(

Is there a way we can have a setting to turn that off in the system preferences? That would make my day and reduce one less step for me.

I realize its an odd request. But I do not ever imagine a situation where someone would prefer to have it there. It basically just the bounds of the ORM document, which I don't think matters when exported to the PDF and PNG files.

Again, just my two cents ;)

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Well, you didn't like it, we gave it away. All that was needed was to tell us :)

There is new beta version ready for download here on support forum.

This version can be configured through registry/ini files to display/hide the page border. Details are described in our documentation.

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