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Requested by Nick LaDieu:

It would be very useful for Savvior to generate an initial model off an existing database connection. Right now it is very time consuming to use ORM Designer for an existing project in SQL Server. It is not such an issue for MySQL. For this reason Savvior's developers are not using it for existing projects that use SQL Server. In the case of MySQL they can load the database to MySQL workbench and import that file, however for SQL Server there is no current option other than manual entry, which means development team has to manually reconstruct the entire database in ORM Designer.

According to their words, it would be also great to edit the custom attributes in the double clicked editor. Right now only the basic things can be edited there, however so it has to be closed and the custom attributes have to be edited in the small pane on the main screen. It is a minor thing, however it would be nice.

Note: This feature is available from version, where property editor drawer for all editors and wizards has been added.

The developers of Savvior also miss a better way to organize huge projects. The possible solution might be to collapse modules, or break them into tabs. Savvior's project is approaching 150 entities and the model screen is huge. Other company's projects have 400 database tables and it might be difficult to organize this model. This is something for a user interface designer to puzzle through.

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+1 for a genius way to manage one big data model. We have a project with 300+ entities and while the guy in charge of the data model knows everything by heart, it's difficult to find your way around as a newbie. Editing one module at a time with the others hidden from display might be a good start.

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