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Just paid the maintenance fee to update to the latest version ( and now totally regret it... it is crashing like crazy :(

  1. I can no longer open a file from Finder ( OSX ). This was a bug that was fixed, but looks like its back.

  2. I can no longer create a module. As soon as I try to do it using any of the ways possible ( right click in module list to create new column, or click the module icon in the menu bar and click anywhere to place it ) the application locks up and I have to restart.

  3. If I try to open the application again to quickly after it closes, it crashes again because the little bug crasher detection app pops up asking to send you guys a notice, and it then crashes the application.

I tried deleting the application and reinstalling, then tried restarting. Nothing fixed these issues.

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Hi Peter, thank you for reporting and sorry for these inconveniences. We already have similar report from another mac user, unfortunately this bug occurred only with some special circumstances, so it was very hard to find it.

However, we located it and now we're running final tests before release. I will let you know as soon as the release will be ready.

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Hi Peter,

We released quick beta with several fixes we have made during today and the last week. All problems you mentioned should be fixed now.

Could you please download beta (http://support.orm-designer.com/402/downloads-orm-designer2-beta), try it and let me know if it solves your problems?


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This release solves both issues I was having. Thanks for the quick fix !!!

Thanks for good news ;-). I'm glad we solved it so fast, on first glance it seemed to lot of hours spent by funny debugging ;-).