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When importing new schema files, it would be great to be able to create a new Region containing the imported models.

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I'm not sure if I understand correctly.

But each imported / attached schema file already has it's own module and there is no way how to separate entities inside the module to regions based only on the imported schema.xml file.

Also there is no way how to import two different schema files into one module. It's necessary to have one module for each exported schema.xml file. Each module has defined its own output schema.xml file. Without that there is no way how to distinguish entity destinations.

Everytime when you attach new schema.xml to project, ORM Designer creates new module, defines import/export path to this file and imports all entities inside this module:

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Could you please send more detailed description what is a required goal of your idea?

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I was talking about this menu: "File > Import > Import ORM Schema"

After importing the new file, it puts its models into "default" module, which is fine.
When doing this, I would like to have an option (e.g. on file selector popup) to create a Region within the module.



That's the expected result when having the region set: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/548684/Screen%20Shot%202012-12-06%20at%2012.12.50.png

Oh, I see it now. It's a bug, not a feature. Anytime when you import/attach new schema file, new module should be created.

So instead of


model should look like this


Unfortunately currently isn't possible to have region which encapsulate multiple modules. Regions should be placed only inside module.