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I'm using FOSUserBundle, which requires (for Doctrine ORM) an annotated user class to be created.

That's fine, and the User class imports into ORM Designer without any problem.
However... when saving my changes back from ORM Designer to my code, ORM Designer puts a duplicate User class in my file.

As this is such a popular bundle, do you have a work-around?

Thanks :)

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Would really like this feature, i always have to save the user file and restore it after exporting with Orm designer. It would be nice if fields could be marked as "do not export" so i can use them internally in Orm Designer but aren't exported to the php file (the php file extends another base class where it gets the fields from)

At this moment, we cannot implement it as a feature, but there is a workaround for this. In Doctrine2 you can set specific save file for each entity in Property Editor: Configurations/export-file-name (see screenshot)

If you type in invalid file name, that Doctrine2 will not recognize, the entity will be exported, but not used by ORM.

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Thanks for letting us know there is a problem. This functionality is supported by ORM Designer, so we need to check this and fix it. Please provide few details so we can identify the cause asap.

Does this happen every time you export your model? Please, could you send us the smallest/simplest schema file which, when import/exported will cause the problem? This will help us to find out if there is problem in the parser and what kind.

You can send the schema file to [email protected] Don't worry, if it is a piece of an actual project, we will treat it as confidential and only use it to troubleshoot the situation.

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