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i wanted to try out OrmDesigern on Linux Arch and got an Segmentation Fault.

ldd tells me that OrmDesigern finds every dependency and gdb tells me that there is a Segmentation fault in intmalloc() from /usr/lib/libc.so.6

I use LightDM, Awesome and an up to date Arch Linux.

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Thank you for detailed report. Unfortunately we fully support only debian/ubuntu/redhat and it seems our Linux version is incompatible with your OS.

I know this is far from ideal solution, but I can only recommend using Windows version of ORM Designer through Wine, as we cannot compile and fully test separate packages for more Linux distributions at this moment.

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Mh i do understand your point of view but only because this 'bug' doesn't show up in other linux distributions, isn't it still a bug?

Yes, it still might be a bug (but missing or different libraries will be more probably the case), but because it does not show on the supported distributions, we cannot test it, identify it, fix it, and most importantly, we cannot ensure it stays fixed, as much as I'd love to get rid of it.

We don't ignore bugs just because there is a workaround. We just can't do fixes and changes we cannot fully support and guarantee that they will work.