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I have developed a number of LAMP based applications over several years using mysql. I am now trying to be more efficient in code creation so I am testing Doctrine 2 with Zend Framework 2.2.

I was delighted to find ORM Designer 2 and was quickly able to create a couple of simple tables to begin testing. I then exported to YML and as annotations and also had some minor success in getting doctrine to generate the tables and the entities.

Next I pulled a couple of samples from GitHub to integrate Doctrine2 with ZF2 and generated a set of CRUD dialogs to allow me to list a table, create entries, edit and delete entries.

So far I felt that I was getting somewhere. However I then felt that ease of development promised early on was starting to fade. Remember that I have no previous experience in ORM designer, doctrine or ZF2.
I did find a few bugs with ORM Designer2 but that did not stop me. It was rather that I did not meet my expectations - here is what I thought I could achieve:

Starter kit:
1) Create schema in ORM Designer 2 ( including several tables and relation types )
2) Export to a format that Doctrine can turn into schema
3) Link doctrine tables to a ZF application to generate basic CRUD dialogs to allow data entry / editing for all the tables whilst respecting the relations.

What I ended up with:
1) ORM Designer - schema created as intended
2) Doctrine 2 - created the schema and the php entities with annotations
3) ZF2 Nothing automatic here - after several attempts I managed to create a CRUD application to edit an unlinked table.

Can you recommend any php based solution that can really take the modules created in ORM Designer2 to make a functional prototype? I quite happy to write code for creating interesting reports, but I would really like to find a solution that can accelerate all the table maintenance chores - my next application has over 60 tables in the schema.
Perhaps the best new feature would be to provide working code that provides in a prototype application.

( If that were possible I think that ZF Form annotations would be a great compliment to the Doctrine annotations).


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Hi Steve,

it's great you decided to start with Doctrine 2 and ORM Designer. We can tell even though the learning takes some time it's definitely worth the time. Unfortunately none of our developers have experience with Zend Framework 2 and Doctrine 2. For our PHP projects we use mainly Symfony 2 which has integration with Doctrine 2 nicely done and CRUD works out of the box.

From your description it seems the problem is between D2 and ZF2 integration. Is that right? Could you please be more precise in terms what exactly is it what you're missing? Some example of what you have now and what you need with some code samples would help us better understand your problem. Thank you

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