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ORMD segfaults on Debian Wheezy when MATE ( http://mate-desktop.org/ ) is used as a window manager. Using XFCE or Gnome Classic ( = Gnome3) on the same machine works without problems.

I can't debug/check this, but I expect it is a missing library / different path etc. since MATE is a Gnome2 fork, and ORMD with Gnome2 has worked nicely on Squeeze.

EDIT: just experienced the same on Debian Jessie and had to come back here to remember how I fixed it. Happy to report the solution works on Jessie/Mate as well.

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Solved it, hope this helps somebody:

  1. as the user running ORMD issue qtconfig-qt4
  2. set 'appearance / gui style' to GTK+
  3. file -> save
  4. sudo mkdir /tmp/OrmDesigner2/log

Not sure why step 4 was needed, weird it could not do it it by itself.
(ORMD crashed if I left it out)

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Thank you again for sharing your solution. We will check the /tmp directory issue.

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it seems that MATTE is missing some GUI libraries that ORM Designer uses. These libraries are part of the Debian distribution, and it is not possible to ship them with our application.

Try using ldd./ApplicationExecutable. This will show you which libraries ORM Designer needs and you can check if they are all present in your system.

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Thanks, but ldd does not tell me anything is missing...?

I have been using Gnome whenever I need ORMD, but I still would very much like to get it to work under MATE / Wheezy as that is what I use daily.

Can you tell me which GUI libraries ORMD expects?