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If you need to transfer your schema files do different format you can do this pretty automatically. It is the same when importing PHP annotations and exporting to XML or YML and it is the same for other way around (XML/YML to PHP annotations).

To transfer the project from XML to PHP annotations just do the following

1) Import your project to ORM Designer.

2) Open the module editor on the Files and Export tab, and set data format to Doctrine2 Annotations.
module editor

3)Check if you are exporting the annotations to proper folders – ORM Designer will automatically merge the PHP annotations with the PHP file already present in the location.

4)Check if all of your entities have the extension in the attribute export-file-name set properly*. If not you can edit the value directly in the schema.module.xml.

*This attribute is used to preserve the original file structure of your project when you first import it to the ORM Designer. It will have the original filename and the .xml extension. You just need to change it to .php.

5) Export the schema files.

To transfer the schema files to XML or YML just switch the settings and file names.

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