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What happened to exporting as PNG or PDF? This was in version 1, and I used it every time I needed to allow my clients to review. In fact, it is the MAIN reason I use the app, so I can share my work with my clients in a simple PDF, and use the PNG so our dev team can view it within a custom app we have.

Without that, it greatly cuts down on the extent of how I can share the data mapping with everyone else on my team ( specifically people I do not want messing with the main ORM Designer files, since there is no undo yet ).

Would love to know what happened and when this plans to get reintegrated. I doubt all the work I have done it the 2.0 app will be viewable in the 1.0 app just so I can save out the work as I used to.

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Hi Peter,

export to PDF is available in ORM Designer 2 from the beginning. You can find it in Export Project -> Export to PDF. Export to PNG is currently unavailable but if this is such important we can add it top to our todo ;-).

enter image description here

Beside that, ORM Designer 2 supports brand new feature Free Model Viewer. You can install ORM Designer 2 on client computer without requirement for paid license and browse your model directly on ORM Designer. Check our blogpost for more info.

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Oh man... theres gotta be a better way to list those. I had other people try to find this feature on OSX and it we just could not find it. Looks like you have to click on the actual file tab. UX wise, clicking on a tab in ORM designer switches between content ( as most tabbed interfaces do ), and that file tab does not look like an actionable item at all.

The PNG feature is not super important, as we can use the PDF just as well, but our system originally was built with a PNG since we had a map tiling feature that let us split up the image so we can zoom in and out within a web app. So some sort of image output would be nice at some point. But getting it to a client in PDF is more important for now.

I have attached an image for this looking for where to do export as PDF. The one in this thread was still not clear enough for me any my friend to find what to click on to make it happen.

If possible, can you move the items in this File menu do the main navigation bar? There is plenty of screen real estate. Having them where they are I guarantee most people wont look for them.

Looks like I cannot "Upload image to post" as its giving me a JS error when I try, so I uploaded it to another site so I can share it here:

( Click on the blue File "tab" to activate menu )

enter image description here

Thanks for feedback about MacOS menu. We will definitely update it.