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Depending on your ORM framework you can choose where to export your schema.xml / schema.yml file or where to export xml/yml/php files for each of your entity.

No matter which ORM framework you're using, paths are configured for each module separately. This enables you to split your project to several plugins and export entities to different locations based on your project structure.

To configure export format and path, simply double-click on module (or choose it from the project tree and in context menu choose "Edit"). Now in Module Editor window choose second tab Files and Export

Export ORM schema files from ORM Designer

Now in Data Format item you can choose which of available ORM formats you wold like to generate when you perform *Export**.

In Relative export path item you can configure your export path. Each path is relative to your root project file. The absolute path is displayed bellow inside the item Full export path.

  • In case you're using framework which uses one file for each module definitions (Doctrine1, Propel, ...) you have to enter path including output file name (Plugins\Eshop\Config\schema.xml)
  • In case you're using framework which uses one file for each entity (Doctrine2), you have to enter path to directory where all files will be stored.

Result file name can also depends on another switches (How to configure file name for Doctrine2).

Hope this tips will help you enjoy ORM Designer. If you have any question about this topic, feel free to discus it bellow!

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Hey Ludek,
I believe this needs to be improved as If person is working on a big project where entities are divided into bundles and with seperated folders. In my case all the relations and namespaces are changed and they are all created in a single location.

Each entity should be exported in the same location where they have been imported in my opinion.

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Hi Saitx,

I definitely agree that each entity have to be exported to original location and also it is how ORM Designer should currently behave. Also if project is divided into several folders/plugins/modules, ORM Designer creates separate module for each such folder.

Also after importing existing project to ORMD and instant export, all definitions have to stay equal (with exception of format, because ORMD can reformat exported schemas, but meaning have to be the same).

If anything mentioned above doesn't work for you, could you share your project (or part of your project) where we can test it and fix it? Please send it to [email protected] . I will use your project only for this testing and your project will be considered strictly confidential.