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I'm currently trying to make use of the ability to externally store configs for a module so that it can be shared between projects. The problem is that if I try to make use of that module in one project by way of an intermodule relationship, i encounter issues when trying to include it in another project where that intermodule relationship doesnt exist.

More specifically, I have two projects which I want to share a common user module. Each of those projects has modules which have one to many relationships with the user entity. I'm hopin to commit this module's orm designer config to git, so that if I make changes to the user module in one project, they can be picked up when I pull into the other project.

Is there a solution to this?

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If it helps, I was hoping a possible solution might be somehow using a MAPPED_SUPERCLASS entity, but so far I'm not having much luck with that...

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I'm not sure if this is what you ask on, but you can share modules between projects as long as each inserted module doesn't have dependency to any non-inserted module.

So if module you inserted refers to any other module, you need to insert both modules to every project where you want to insert the original module.

If your module points to different module, it isn't possible to use it without inserting all dependencies. Another way is to split original module to two separated where one will be completely independent and second one will stay in original project with all external references.

It's same like in programming, each library need to be independent or need to be shipped together will all required dependencies.


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