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Since I found only pieces of information about the inheritance support for Doctrine, I'm interested whether this feature is supported also for Propel - especially the single table inheritance (http://propelorm.org/documentation/08-inheritance.html#single-table-inheritance) is of my concern.

I tried to use the Home/Inheritance and Editing/Create Inheritance options with no luck.

I created base and derived entities and defined the inheritance "relation" for them with the discriminator field and a unique value. The type combo box is empty, so you can choose nothing... I tweaked the module XML file, so that it contained type="single" attribute, which makes in turn the Inheritance Editor show this value in the combo box after reloading the project. Unfortunately the generated schema file contains 2 tables (of which only one should exist) and no inheritance definition.

I would like to use this type of inheritance in a project I'm working on, so it's rather urgent. Is there a chance to see this feature working well in the near future?

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Hi and welcome to our forum. It should be easy to implement inheritance support for Propel ORM. Please register on this forum or send me email to [email protected] so we can discuss upcoming testing of this feature.

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Implemented. Feature is available in latest beta release.
You can download it here: http://support.orm-designer.com/402/orm-designer2-beta

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