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Sometime you could need old v1 version. Here are links to old releases:

But please be aware that v1 version can't open v2 projects, also new license keys doesn't work on v1 licesenses.

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Why would I ever need ORMD1 again when ORMD2 works so smoothly with old projects?! ;)

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Thanks for compliment ;-). You're definitely right.

But to be fair also to users who haven't updated their maintenance, we decided to offer a way how to download old v1 versions.

Oh, sure.

What about adding the last v1 version to http://www.orm-designer.com/previous-builds ?

Unfortunately this isn't possible because of a way how previous-builds are maintained.

Previous builds list is generated from our licensing/deploy server where we maintain and store all new builds/releases and it would be very tricky to hack old release to our new server. This is definitely easier way ;-)