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According to Doctrine2.3 http://docs.doctrine-project.org/en/latest/tutorials/working-with-indexed-associations.html

OneToMany and ManyToMany can set attribute indexBy={field}, in ORMD2 I can't set this attribute and i can't preserve this attribute after a export Schema action.

ManyToMany can't set attribute indexBy={field},
i added
in manytomany struct and it's work but with this trick i have wrong field select box

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New version with this feature/bugfix was released.
Please download latest version here http://www.orm-designer.com/download-orm-designer

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Implemented. Feature will be available in the next release.

 * @ORM\OneToMany(targetEntity="E2", indexBy="sample_entity_id", ... )

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I edited message with an discovered bug

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