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ORMD1 associations had an option "show caption" to show/hide the caption in the visual model. The only possibility to hide this in the current version is either
1. split the association
2. removing the caption value
Both options come with a loss of information. Would it be possible to have the "old" behaviour back in ORMD2?

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Hi, you're right. We removed the option to hide caption, because it's no-sense. If you need to have caption visible, you fill it and if you don't want it, you remove it. If you need to enter comment or note, use description box.

Why would you need to have caption which isn't visible? ;-)

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Ludek, you're absolutely right. The question arised when opening an ORMD1 model in new ORMD2. All captions that were hidden in ORMD1 show up again when opened in ORMD2. Consider my RFC cancelled.

Ok, great ;-). You're right that hidden captions are in v2 displayed, because of this new behavior.

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I also miss this feature. The reason I liked the hide/show option was because as I'm re-arranging the graph, sometimes I move an entity far away, and want to split and show the caption. But then if I move it back, I don't want to have to dream up a new caption, I'd rather just hide it again.

Another reason it's nice is because you provide a default caption, which is often adequate, but it's more steps to select and delete it, rather than just hide it.

The feature is most important when brainstorming a new model when things are changing frequently.

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Thank you for perfect description of use case when this feature would be useful. We will review this feature and try to find suitable solution.