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When i try to set up an external tool it seems that the Initial Directory property is not working.

These are the settings I used:

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This is the batch file:

@echo off
echo %1
echo %CD%

This is the output I get:

"C:\Users\admin\ORM Designer projects\Bachelorproeven"
C:\Program Files\OrmDesigner2

You can see that the parameter which is passed (%1) is set correctly but the current directory (%CD%) is not what it should be (they should be the same)

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I see the same problem here. Thanks for reporting.

Found and fixed. Update will be available in the next release.

That was fast :-). Love the software btw.

Thanks. We're doing our best ;-).

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New version with this feature/bugfix was released.
Please download latest version here http://www.orm-designer.com/download-orm-designer

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