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It would be handy if you could set the access modifier for properties when exporting entities. If you export now, all properties get the private modifier while in my code I use protected.
You should be able to set a default (per project) and perhaps be able to set it per entity/property.

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We're already working on extended template system based on CTemplate which enable us to provide more customizations on all generated content (individual setters/getters, invidual comments format, etc.)

So we will also add a way how to customize access modifiers.

Sounds cool! Does that mean I could also let my entities inherit from an AbstractEntity class? (that would have been my next feature request :-) )

We have a plans to place several snippet placeholders inside the AST (Abstract syntex tree) of new PHP file which will be configurable.

Right now I'm not sure how far we will be able to provide a configurable behavior, but if it will be possible, we will do it ;-)

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