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Is there a chance to implement Mac OSX retina support?

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And what should be a different between normal and retina version? Unfortunately we don't have any retina display here, so we didn't test it.

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Implemented. Feature is available in latest beta release.
You can download it here: http://support.orm-designer.com/402/orm-designer2-beta

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It is an request of my colleague Toni. He wants to show me the difference at work tomorrow. I hope we find a way to demonstrate it.

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Thanks. Please try to prepare some comparison current state vs required. We will see if it will be possible to update ORMD on blind.

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We made a screenshot. On the left side you can see ORM Designer 2 with no Retina support. The labels and icons are shown in lower resolution. On the right you can see the Reeder app with Retina support. The labels and icons are shown in higher resolution.

MacOS Mountain Lion 10.8.2 on MacBook Pro 15" Retina

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Thanks for screenshots.

After your original post I thought the problem is with model, but in case of Ribbon UI I have to contact component developer if he can update RibbonWidget for Retina.

I'm going to send him your screenshot.

Can you take screenshot of any inner dialog? Are labels and icons on other dialogs fuzzy too?

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Inner dialogs and model graphs also shown in lower resolution.

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Thanks for testing, so the problem isn't inside Ribbon but a whole Qt app and for this we found a solution ;-)

Can you please try to update file OrmDesigner2.plist located inside the ORMDesigner2 bundle and add following two lines?


to the beginning of element?

enter image description here

After that it might be needed to logout and login because of .plist files caching.

Alternatively you can download updated .plist file here. If this solution will work, it will be included in the next release.

Solution is taken from here and suggested by QtTitanRibbon creator here.

Did you mean info.plist?

yep, you're right. Sorry for confusion. It's Info.plist.

We made the changes. A Logout/Login has no effect, you have to copy the whole app directory. Autoscaling works now, but only for text.

Can you take a screenshot, please? I will try to discuss it with other people if there is any solution also for images. Thanks

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The none auto scaling icons are shown in the following screenshoot. Look at the beautiful auto scaling text :D ...

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Thanks! Text is really nice. And also icons aren't so ugly. I expected it worse ;-)

After some next searching I didn't find a way how to create icons for Retina in Qt applications now. So until Qt guys solve it, this is the best we can probably do.

Thanks for assistance.