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In reference to my earlier request on namespaces, please also check the related Propel Multi-Component Data Model.

Propel has a test case for this available in /propel/test/fixtures/bookstore-packaged but ORMD2 does not correctly import that case (or export for that matter). If you generate the provided schemas the build/classes directory tree looks like this:

|-- addon
|   `-- club
|       |-- map
|       `-- om
|-- core
|   |-- book
|   |   |-- map
|   |   `-- om
|   |-- publisher
|   |   |-- map
|   |   `-- om
|   `-- review
|       |-- map
|       `-- om
`-- util
    `-- log
        |-- map
        `-- om

Yet the imported model looks like this:

ORM2 import of same schema

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Thanks for test case, we didn't have this one. We check it and let you know.

Ok, we find a way how to import whole model based on name + package + filename. It's necessary to create separate module for each exporting *.schema.xml. So now imported model looks like this:

enter image description here

Only feature which isn't available right now by ORM Designer is this definiton:

<external-schema filename="external/author.schema.xml" />

That looks great! Does the export work as well?
I personally think the

<external-schema filename="external/author.schema.xml" />

is less important; together with the namespaces I am more than happy!

Here you can find comparsion between merged and unified original XML files and exported files from our test servers


As you can see, ORM Designer skip external-schema, add some PKs and remove redundant attributes.

Edit: URL update
Edit2: Another diff service, original seems buggy.

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Solved. Bugfix is available in latest beta release.
You can download it here: http://support.orm-designer.com/402/orm-designer2-beta

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