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The documentation does not mention them specifically, and I do not see them in the trial (or I am overlooking them) but does ORM Designer support Propel namespaces ?

On a side note; your documentation page has a small typo: "Behaviros"

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Thank you for information about namespaces in Propel. Right now ORM Designer doesn't support them but should not be a problem to extend ORMD to support them.

We will try to implement them next week. If you're interested, follow this thread for next updates. We will be glad for beta testing of this feature in your real project.

That would be great - I really need them for my application(s) and I expect most Propel users will at some point. So I will gladly test them, no problem.

Great!. Consider registration here so you will receive updates for this thread.

Implemented. Feature will be available in the next release.

Great! - thank you for the fantastic support, very impressive!
To show my gratitude/support I've purchased a license 2 days ago, I knew you'd live up to your reputation ;-)

Any idea when that release will be available? Or is there a beta I can try?

Now we're working on second Propel issue with packages and after that we will release next version.

Unfortunately second issue is little more complicated because of several different packages(modules) in one directory. Now ORM Designer handles one directory = one module.

Next problem is external-scheme element:

<external-schema filename="external/author.schema.xml"/>

which is completely out of existing logic. I'm not sure if this would be possible to solve it at all.

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Implemented. Feature is available in latest beta release.
You can download it here: http://support.orm-designer.com/402/orm-designer2-beta

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