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The current trial version will not start; it prints "segmentation fault".
No further messages are available it seems.
System details:

  • Distro: Debian Squeeze
  • Window manager: Gnome 2.30.2
  • Kernel: 3.2.0-0.bpo.2-amd64 x86_64

I've tried the following remedies:

  • Running binaries as root / regular user
  • OrmDesigner2- version (provided through live chat)
  • Removing the Qt libs from the libs folder

None of the above made any difference, segmentation faults on all attempts.

I might be missing some dependencies, or perhaps it's the kernel version, but unfortunately there is no debug or error message displayed - so I have no idea.

If I should provide more / other info for you please let me know what you need / how to get it and I will gladly provide it.

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Thanks for posting error summary. We already installing another 64-bit Debian squeeze on one of our developer machines, so maybe we will found this bug.

It's unfortunate that only "Segmentation Error" message appears, so now I'm not able to determine why this happens. I will let you know as soon as we find more.

OK, great! Please do note this is not the stock Squeeze kernel, but one from 'backports' that supports HDMI - if you install default Squeeze I think you end up with a 2.6.xx kernel. If needed you can find simple instructions here.

We tried to install Squeeze from network installation of latest build (probably some night-build, not sure exactly what colleague tried) and see the same problem here now too.

enter image description here

Now we can test it.

Please try posted package and let us know.

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After a day of debugging and compiling we probably found a solution.

Can you try following package and let us know if works?


New build was released which includes bugfix for this issue


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Thanks for your hard work! It seems to work, I have just registered / opened it successfully.
I will do real testing tomorrow, but so far it seems stable, nice!

I will update this thread tomorrow after properly working with the program.


Thank you for quick testing and good news! Let me know if you will find any problems.

When I import an existing Propel project and export it will:

  • Overwrite existing XML schema without confirmation (expected behaviour?)
  • The blue splash screen remains active and on top

Even if I minimize ORM Designer the splash remains visible, so that seems a real bug.
Only way to remove it is exiting ORM Designer.

I did not notice the build has been updated - the new one does not have the blue splash screen problem; that one works okay!

Overwriting of existing XML is correct behavior. Every time when you export your model ORM Designer replaces all your definition files with new ones. Only exception is annotations, where ORM Designer replaces only ORM annotations and keeps rest of file untouched.

I'm glad that problem with splash screen is solved.

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Having same problem here, system is as follow:

Distro: Debian Squeeze (running inside VirtualBox)
Window manager: KDE 4.4.5
Kernel: stock 2.6.32-5-amd64


We already successfully simulate the environment where this error happens. Now we're trying to find a way how to compile and distribute app to avoid this problem.

Give us some time please, we will write updates to this post. Thanks.

Please try posted package and let us know.

New build was released which includes bugfix for this issue