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The External tools can not be executed anymore: batch files and url’s while in the previous version this worked fine (also not imported from my latest version at installation: nice to have)

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Can you please provide more info about problem you have with executing external tools?

Regarding to your question about migration of v1 settings to v2. Unfortunately it's possible to migrate it and it's necessary to define tools manually.

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Bug fixed. Now ORM Designer correctly handle path with spaces.

Update temporary available here: http://www.orm-designer.com/uploads/static/beta/deploy32.exe

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In next ORMD version External tool command can use following prefixes:

  • http
  • https
  • mailto
  • file

if one of these prefixes will be used, instead of executing process default QDesktopService will be used to open this link. This means open default browser, mail client or file viewer.

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