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All fields under Field Proprties are allowed to have options->comment added, that is saved in DDL via Doctrine's [options: comment="..."] mapping. While it would be nice if the "Description" also populated comment in the DDL, this isn't the biggest problem.

With a Many-to-One association added in the Associations tab a new field, say "pt_id", will be added in Field Properties tab. However, adding text in options => comment does not populate [options: comment="..."] in #[JoinColumn] but only for #[Column].

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Thank you for the bug report.

Please send us demo project with the described project so we can directly test it here and fix it. Please send it to [email protected]

Thank you

PS: Regarding Description export, there are several reasons why we are not / we can't exporting it. It's better and more clean to export only Doctrine related properties.

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