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I designed a Laravel Eloquent ORM with Skipper. I have an Entity named SourceDB.
When I export to ORM I have :
- Models are named SourceDB
- Migration create a datatable named source_dbs

But when I want to seed my database with the model, Laravel raise an error :

  SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'testdb.source_d_b_s' doesn't exist (Connection: mysql, SQL: insert into `source_d_b_s` (`server_id`, `name`, `updated_at`, `created_at`) values (1, MyDB, 2023-08-04 13:13:13, 2023-08-04 13:13:13))
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Hi, I'm not sure what could cause that but it seems like some error on the model settings, not in the skipper at all.

Can you please check your migrations and check whether/how looks the migration? Because it seems very strange that dbs have such underscores.

Please try to manually fix migrations to see what is causing this issue. Maybe this is some kind of Laravel issue?

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