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Often, I make changes to models and migrations on the fly while coding. I try to remember to go back into Skipper and duplicate these changes, but it would be nice if there was a tool within Skipper that would update a project by reconciling models and migrations updated/added outside of Skipper. If this tool was created, I'd expect that the skipper format would have to be strictly followed and the tool would reject updated/added models and migrations when it wasn't. Just a thought.


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Thank you for sharing your idea.

Unfortunately, such backward import isn't possible. There is no unified way how to define migrations/models.

Unfortunately, even in Doctrine2 where annotations are much more strict we are not able to proceed with such continuous import. The problem is that not everything is 1:1 between the model in Skipper and exported target.

Some time ago we tried to implement such behavior but this led to a lot of conflicts during every import. So we enabled only one-time import during project creation and after that, it's necessary to edit the model in Skipper first and then export it.

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