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ORM Designer, MVC: Symfony2, ORM: Doctrine2

When defining an association with the help of the Association Wizard, I want to remove the default caption "New association" from the tab "Association Visual". It's not pre-selected, which means I have to press Ctrl+A first to select the text, then delete it. It would save like 0.2 seconds per association if that text would be pre-selected like in the Association Editor. ;) Also, consistency.

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This was a pretty tricky (behavior you described is default for Qt app), but I find a way how to select whole text in active editor after tab change.

If I didn't miss something, this behavior should now be available on all edit windows. Update will be included in next release

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Implemented in version 2.1.9. Download it here: http://www.orm-designer.com/download-orm-designer

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